Contact Lenses

insert contact lensDr. Femrite and the opticians at LAKES Eye Clinic have extensive experience in the fitting of contact lenses. We carry in stock a variety of contact lenses to assist in the fitting process to ensure you the best possible vision and comfort with contact lenses.

Have you ever been told that you were not a candidate for contact lenses? When you were fit for contact lenses, were they uncomfortable or did not achieve your desired level of visual clarity? If so, please reconsider contact lenses!

Many new lens designs are now available to address these concerns or past failures. We now have new materials that allow significantly more oxygen to the eye surface, resulting in a healthier eye and a more comfortable contact lens experience. In addition, recent technology changes in toric contact lenses (those that correct for astigmatism) and in bifocal designs, have allowed us improved ways to enhance your vision in contacts.

Ask us about BIFOCAL contact lenses!

One of the most rewarding new lenses designs comes from bifocal contact lenses. We have been fortunate to work with many, many patients who have experienced first hand the benefits and advances in bifocal contact lenses.

In addition to bifocal contact lenses, we routinely fit
Single vision

For those that are either nearsighted or farsightedcontact lens room


For those that require astigmatism correction

Mono vision

For those requiring a separate prescription for distance and near correction, similar to a bifocal pair of glasses. With mono vision, we correct distance vision with one dominant eye and near vision with the other dominant eye


For those requiring both distance and near correction in the same contact lens

Colored lenses

In addition, we carry a large soft contact lens inventory in the office for most prescriptions to make purchasing your lenses hassle free! We can even mail your contact lens supply to the address you specify!