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Sunglasses at LAKES Eye Clinic

At LAKES Eye Clinic, we place significant emphasis on preventative care and knowing that we have done what we know to be the best in terms of preserving your healthy eyesight. Therefore, we feel it is necessary to have a pair of optically precise sunglasses for use outdoors. Not only summertime, but year round - we know that significantly more glare and problems ensue with reflection off of snow rather than dirt. Studies have linked exposure to ultraviolet light to various eye diseases, such as cataracts and macular degeneration. You likely wear sunscreen to protect your skin; you must wear appropriate sun lenses to protect your eyes as well!

LAKES Eye Clinic offers tinted, polarized lenses with your choice of anti-reflective properties or scratch properties for any of the optical frames we carry, to suit your individual needs. In addition, we carry in non-prescription sunglasses from Oakley, Wiley X, Nike, Callaway, Kate Space and others.

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