Eye Health & Service

Eye Exams

We know how important your eyes are and we will make every effort to keep them healthy! Healthy eyes begin with periodic eye examinations, an important part of routine preventative health care. We recommend eye health and vision examinations beginning at:

  • 6 months or age
  • 3 years of age
  • Before kindergarten
  • Every year while in school
  • Every year as an adult or as recommended
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Children's Examinations

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Your child's vision exam will include an evaluation of visual acuity, vision processing skills, eye teaming, tracking and focusing skills. These skills are necessary to succeed in school, sports, work, and life. In addition, we will keep in mind your child's daily activities, such as the visual stress experienced at school, on the sports field and outside of school. We will discuss and plan with you the best manner to maximize their best vision, whether that be spectacles, contact lenses, vision therapy or surgery. Our goal is to provide your child with clear and comfortable vision during the day. In addition, your child exam includes an eye health examination. Many eye conditions begin at early ages and are best treated if caught early. A dilated eye health exam allows us to diagnose concerns early to prevent problems in the future. Our goal is to provide a lifetime of great vision to your child.

Adult Examinations

The first part of an adult eye exam is a visual examination to determine your best potential vision. Not only will we determine your best distance and near vision, we will pay particular attention to the demands your workplace, hobbies and lifestyle place upon your everyday vision. We will counsel you on the best way to maximize your vision to provide excellent visual acuity and comfort. Our goal is to provide you with clear and comfortable vision during your day.

The next part of your adult eye exam is the eye health examination. We will evaluate your eyes for many ocular diseases, such as dry eyes, cataracts, macular degeneration, and glaucoma. In addition, several systemic diseases, like hypertension and diabetes, can have detrimental effects on vision if left untreated. A dilated eye health exam allows us to diagnose eye disease and recommend treatment to prevent vision loss in the future. Our goal is to preserve your eyes and provide a lifetime of great vision.

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