Eye Wear

Our eyewear specialists take pride in educating our patients about their options in eye wear, not only with our terrific selection of frames, but with our outstanding knowledge of lens materials and designs.


Our newly expanded optical is filled with a large selection of designer frames to fit any budget, style, fit or prescription. Our opticians have the skills and experience to help you choose the frame that best suits your individual lifestyle needs. We take pride in providing personalized assistance to each patient to ensure your satisfaction.

Frames at LAKES Eye Clinic
Frames at LAKES Eye Clinic


When selecting your new lenses, it is important to take into consideration the material, design & treatments of the lens. We consider your new prescription, past lens materials, frame shape & material, anticipated use of the lenses and your individual needs, such as driving or computer use. Our premium lens products provide you with clear, cosmetically appealing lenses.

Contact Lenses

LAKES Eye Clinic strives to provide our patients with the best contact lens service possible! Contact lenses should fit properly, feel comfortable, provide good vision and most importantly, are healthy for your eyes. Your contact lens experience should ensure you the best possible vision and comfort with contact lenses.

Your contact lens appointment and fitting may include contacts for astigmatism, bifocal needs, colored contact lenses – we would be happy to discuss with you the best contact lenses for your needs!

contact lenses



It’s important to have a pair of optically precise sunglasses for use outdoors. Not only summertime, but year-round! Studies have linked exposure to ultraviolet light to various eye diseases, such as cataracts and macular degeneration.

LAKES Eye Clinic offers tinted, polarized lenses with your choice of anti-reflective properties or scratch properties for the optical frames we carry, to suit your individual needs. In addition, we carry in non-prescription sunglasses from Costa, Wiley X, Nike, Kate Spade and others.

I found Dr. Femrite to be very thorough, easy to talk with. Staff did a great job; ordered my glasses, got them in less than a week. I would highly recommend them to anybody.
Don E.
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